Rabbanut of Cannes Kashrus standards


Rabbanut of Cannes is placed under the responsability of the local Chabad Rabbis.

We are at the highest Kashrus standards, but Glatt meat is not always available here.


The following restaurants are Mehadrin, Glatt and Frum owned  (Meat is either Lubavitch, Rabbanut of Strasbourg or Rabbanut of Marseille. Milk is Cholov Yisroel).

  • Casabianca Milky restaurant.
  • Rouvi Shawarma.
  • Restaurant Tovel (proposes also Foie Gras).


The following restaurants serve also Non-Glatt meat  :

  • OKLM.
  • Dr Sandwich.
  • Robin’s sushi.
  • Casher Kitchen Bakery Catering.


All the above restaurants include the following standards :

  • All entering ingredients are checked with proper Mehadrin Hashgachot.
  • The fires and oven are lit by a Shomer.
  • Vegetables checked.
  • Mashgiach Yotse Venichnas.


We do not take any responsability on other restaurants which are not under our Rabbanut